BDSM Training – Learning to be a better D/s Partner

My latest article, BDSM Training Schools, is now available on EdenFantasys’ SexIs Magazine! Its all about two subjects I really enjoy – BDSM and Adult Homework (I know, I know, I’m weird).

In the article I discuss the trend towards educational sites and training services that are popping up online to meet the growing need for people to learn to kinky play and D/s relationships in a safe way from the pros. I focus on the schools I’ve personally checked out and learned a lot from:

  • Kink Academy which I love for its continual addition of pro instructors and videos on a large variety of topics, including hypnotism, rope work, polyamory and legal concerns.
  • The Submissive Guide run my lunaKM which offers tons of free resources including a course on how submissives or slaves can better serve through inner reflection and contemplation.
  • BDSM Training Academy run by Mistress Sophia and Master Bishop have put together a collection of emailed classes for Dominants and submissives alike and have categorized them by D/s role as well as gender. Their basic course is free.

I loved these three sites. My Only complain is that the Submissive Guide and BDSM Training Academy didn’t have many resources for those like me who switch. Yes, I’m mostly a sub but sometimes I Top and it would be nice to have some resources from them to help submissives who sometimes cross that line and how to stay grounded either way. Perhaps they will develop some in the near future.

Domestic Submission: EdenFantasys Article

Very excited to announce my piece on Domestic Submission is now live on EdenFantasys!

Domestic Submission

When a submissive performs domestic chores they not only show their willingness to please but they can also see that these tasks are helpful to their Dominant. At the end of the task or day of them, they can develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in having made themselves useful.

I am no Domestic Goddess so domestic submission helps me to get tasks around the house done that I would otherwise grumble about (or procrastinate on…or not do at all). When I look at the task at hand from the D/s perspective, it changes things a little. Suddenly, a mundane and tedious action like laundry becomes something kinky. It might not make laundry any more fun but it does help my mind to explore this path of submission while getting the job done.

I wrote this article to spark discussion about non-sexual D/s dynamic and answer some questions I’ve received in the past about daily submission and domestic submission.