Movie Review: My Normal

My Normal, the tale of Dominatrix Natalie, is a really good movie, in my opinion. Sure there are points that might make a member of the BDSM community cringe slightly and go “its not like that, really” but in all it was a good story.

My Normal

Nicole Laliberte plays lesbian Pro-Dominatrix Natalie who is struggling with finding a balance in her life between her job in the adult-industry, her dreams of becoming a director-producer, and her desire for a loving relationship.

I think Laliberte did an amazing job. Not only is she HOT but she is able to move between that hard bitch expression to the soft, thoughtful and even funny expressions that are needed to transition from Dominatrix Natalie to Normal Natalie.

As far as portraying the BDSM lifestyle and community…the movie doesn’t go much further than the professional scene. It does show play sessions between the Dommes and their paying slaves. It doesn’t really touch on the scene outside of that, so no D/s lifestyling, no bondage clubs, etc. If that’s what you like, then this movie might let you down.

There are some fun play scenes. There’s a point where the girls are getting ready and a slave in a Dalmation dog mask is on all fours with a tray on his back as an ignored piece of furniture. There is also a scene when Natalie is smoking a blunt and looks off screen and says “ashtray” and the camera pans out to show a man in a mask who opens his mouth for her to flick ashes in.

Best scene is one that you don’t quite understand at the beginning so…

Spoiler Warning!

Jim is a client Natalie keeps after she gets a job as an intern on a movie set and takes a break from the Dungeon.
She blackmails him with video of their sessions at the Dungeon. This leads to financial Domination and a scene outside of his office in which she makes him massage her feet after she’s been shoe shopping with his credit card.
At first it feels like she might be doing this without his consent, as the viewer doesn’t get much back story. After the foot massage scene they have a friend conversation and he thanks her for the session and gives her an extra tip in his payment.

Now, the movie does cover some of the issues that come along with working in the adult industry including relationships with vanilla lifestylers, drugs, and “growing up”.

I say “growing up” because some people in the industry, whether its stripping, Pro-Dom, porn, whatever, there are those who work in the scene who make it clear that one day they will grow up and move on from this life to the “white picket fence” ideal.
Sonia, one of Natalie’s co-workers, is one of these types of people. She wants a long-term girlfriend, a baby, a “normal life”.

Another Spoiler

She ends up leaving the job and when she comes back into the scene she’s pregnant and has the life she has wanted. She even makes one small jibe at Natalie that perhaps she too should ‘grow up’ and move on as well, despite Natalie’s confirmation that she enjoys the life she’s living.

The movie does show some drug use, which might irritate some viewers who are stead fast in the Safe, Sane and SOBER motto of the BDSM lifestyle. But, from what I remember, none of the drug use was during a session, so maybe that will make the difference to some viewers.
The drugs in use are marijuana and what I assume is ecstasy. The pot is a key point as character, Ty, is a pot dealer and is the one who jump starts Natalie into writing a screen-play with him and working on her dream of being in the movie industry.

And then there is the relationship drama that, in my opinion, is rampant no matter what lifestyle you belong to. Natalie and Sonia discuss at the beginning of the film that no matter who they date, their girlfriends will not understand or accept that they are Pro-Dommes.

Natalie experiences this first hand with Jasmine, her girlfriend who she pics up at the club and falls in love with. Jasmine can’t stand that Natalie is a Dominatrix and even has nightmares about it. She tries to get Natalie to leave the BDSM scene by acting like she has her girlfriend’s best interest at heart and encouraging her to reach for her dreams to be in the movie industry.
Sadly, this doesn’t work out for the very reason that you can’t change people no matter how much you love them and want to. Natalie finally gets it across to Jasmine that she likes being a Dominatrix and no matter where she works or what she does, that is part of her.

(This is something I have seen happen again and again when people in the BDSM scene date people who are more vanilla lifestylers. I always recommend kinksters to date other kinksters).

In all, the only thing I had an issue with was Natalie’s co-workers, 2 blonde Dommes who are very ditsy. One of them is a Domme-in-training and one scene shows her asking what mummification is and instead of them helping her with the safety of the client in mind the tell her to wrap him in plastic wrap and leave a coupe of holes for air. Little things like that make me cringe so…yea. It was really my only complaint.

I left a lot out of my review such as Natalie’s relationship with her sister and mom, her interaction with her Director boss, and more. I just want to say that its currently on Netflix and you should watch it ^_^