Lively Coral Sex Toys: Kink and the Pantone Color of the Year

I’m a bit of a nerd. One of the first things I LOVE to look at every January is the Pantone Color of the Year and think about all the things in my life that might connect with it whether its clothes, crystals (yea I’m one of those witchy types), and even sex toys. The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Lively Coral. I thought I’d share with you all, in honor of this yearly choice, some Lively Coral Sex Toys.

Living Coral, at its most simplified, is a mix of pink and orange. While orange is not the most popular color among sex toys, pink certainly is. That being said, I didn’t want to rely on a list of pink sex toys. Each of the following toys was selected based on closeness to the Coral color shown. I hope the list will inspire you to check out toys that you might not have thought of before and consider what role color plays in your toy collection and sex life.

EdenFantasys is probably my favorite retailer of general adult toys. They have a great collection of vibrators, dildos, etc. Also, its rare when they don’t have some sort of sale or deal going on. The six toys I chose for the Lively Coral round up are:

While Bad Dragon doesn’t have a designated Pantone color choice (they totally should) you can get custom colors for their fantasy dildos.

Here I marbled Apple and BD Orange for a Lively Coral effect on the Tako tentacle

On the other hand…er…tentacle, Etsy crafters are often able to make fantasy dildos of a variety of custom colors. The Crafty Hedonist has a Lively Coral creature from the deep called Undertow


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