10,000 Words for NaNoWriMo 2019

I hit my first 10,000 Words of NaNoWriMo2019! That means I’m 20% done with my 50,000 word goal revising/rewriting The Billionaire Geek.

10,000 Words for NaNoWriMo
The 10k Writing Badge from NaNoWriMo

To celebrate, I thought I might share a fun excerpt from my book. I read this to Mr. Faust who was very happy with it and followed up by asking me to read more. I took that as a good sign.

To set the tone – my main characters, Becca and Will, are being harassed by a misogynistic scifi fanboy troll named Roy:

Bracing himself but drawn through pure curiosity, Will looked at Roy’s website. There were already two blog posts about the situation, one included a video. He opted to just read about it. The majority of the post was about Becca, pointing out her questionable sex practices based solely on some scenes from her books.

While Jordan’s involvement in strange affairs is no surprise to any of my readers who have followed the last year’s scandals, they are certainly nothing compared to the strange fantasies she puts to paper.
From Elysium Rising
The toys and tools of Sister Kuva’s collection were nowhere near as well honed as her own mind. She would require someone with deft hands and strong will to put her through her paces. Aebram picked up the blades and approached the priestess, the firelight glinting off the steel. He would give her the pain she needed in order to break through the barriers of her training. Using pain, he would make her feel like the woman she longed to be with him.
Kuva gripped the steel bar to which her wrists were bound. Looking up at her beloved, she smiled slowly. “Thank you,” she whispered.
Aebram shook his head. “Thank me later.” He chose the location of the first cut. “Thank me when I kiss it and make it better,” he said as the steel met flesh.

Perhaps instead of taking her to conventions, Jordan should see if Vaughn company could hire her a good therapist?

Glancing up at Becca, Will’s mind went back to the night before. While what they did would probably be considered tame when held up in comparison to most scifi erotica he’d read over the year, it had been kinda kinky. Was Becca a bit of a perv? He wondered at this for a moment then felt guilty for it. Even if she was, it wasn’t any of his or Roy Smith’s business.

/End Excerpt
I cannot wait to get this book revised and published and out to you all next spring! Act 1 is revised and with another beta reader as we speak!

Thank you all for celebrating this milestone of NaNoWriMo with me! If you are participating in the writing challenge, how are you doing with your goals? What is your favorite line you’ve written? Share below!

Keeping Motivated as a Writer!

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner! I’m so excited but also a little nervous. Not only is this a huge writing commitment but I also changed my mind at the last minute about what book I’m going to write! I know! YIKES! So to raise my spirits and keep motivated as a writer, I have a series of fun things to help me out – and of course I had to share them with you!

(Video coming soon)


National Novel Writing Month is a fantastic motivator. The community online and off is like having a group of cheerleaders at any given time. They’re writers willing to share writing resources, do challenging word sprints, and give pep talks. I love this month!

Partipate in multiple locations! You can go on the NaNo site and hang out in the forums, search for Discord or IRC chats for NaNoWriMo participants, check out the #NaNoWriMo hashtags on social media (I prefer Twitter), and more. Offline, local areas often have write-ins where writers in your area can come together at libraries, coffee shops, etc to hang out, write and help each other out.

On the NaNoWriMo site? Want to be buddies? Add me: dphryxus


I am an achievement whore. I love badges and progress charts so much. This is part of why I love gaming (Skyrim!!!). So when I learned there was an online fantasy game that helped writers draft their works – I was so ready for it!

4theWords is a game where you “battle” adorable monsters by doing word sprints. Different word counts defeat different monsters – the easier ones are struck down by writing 100 words or so and the harder ones by chugging away at thousands of words in one go. By defeating monsters, going on quests, and writing multiple days/weeks/months/years in a row (streaks) you receive badges, loot, etc.

You can join 4theWords today and try it for a month free. After that its pretty cheap to play. You can buy crystals and spend crystals on monthly subscriptions or other in game materials. When you sign up, be sure to use my referral code (ZJHCO88919) and I’ll add you as a writing buddy.
For NaNoWriMo you can also add the bonus code (wrimo19) and get 2 weeks extra for free! Do this even if you already have a paid subscription, you still get the 2 weeks free.

Writing Charts, Posters, and Gold Stars

I told you I’m an achievement whore. I love a good progress chart. Not only do I have my NaNoWriMo site chart to go on but I also have a physical chart that I can rely on when I need to unplug from the internet and focus on writing without distraction.

As I write and achieve word count goals, I’ll mark the chart and use some sparkly stickers.

Rewards and Punishments

Last but not least are my sets of awards for reaching certain goals…and punishments if I don’t. I am blessed with a great, supportive Dom who is more than willing to help me along on this journey.

When I reach certain word count and story goals I get a prize:

  • Halloween candy (we’re totally hitting the store after Halloween for the big discounts)
  • Kaelan Rhywiol’s Training Chronicles of Ilavani
  • A ring light for doing YouTube videos and taking pictures for the blog
  • Multiple orgasms
  • A new vibrator

If I don’t achieve certain goals I get a punishment:

  • Orgasm denial/edging
  • spankings
  • tickle torture