Work With Me

Need a witch to write up a kink friendly article or guest blog post for your site?
Want some input on your article or a quote from a sex blogger?
Need your book or product reviewed?
Want to sponsor a post, buy ad space, or be interviewed for Herbane Apothecary?

If you have a product you would like reviewed, please contact me at HerbaneApothecary (at) with details about the product and your company. If I have a bad experience with your product I will contact you about it before posting my review.
I will link to your website and product in the review with “no follow links.
I will note in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that I received the product for review for free but that thoughts on the product are my own.

Kink Writing

Guest Posting

Are you interested in having me write for your website to boost your kinky content and SEO?
I can offer you a 300+ word article (with or without accompanying photos/graphics)
You can choose the topic or ask me to
Your site has the rights to the content for a pre-negotiated amount of time.
You receive 1 .docx document with content as well as my bio and site link to be displayed with article/post.
I promote the post, with link to your site, on my blog as well as my social media accounts.
Prices vary depending on length of post, topic, and frequency of posting.
I am available for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly writing as a regular contributor.

Erotic Commissions

Would you like for me to tell you a story?
Contact me with your story idea and I can make it happen in 300 words or more.
Pricing varies depending on length and whether this is a private piece for your eyes only or if it is something I can share with the world on my site.

For samples of my work, check out my erotica blog posts or read some of my smut for sale.

Writing Consultations and Beta-reading

I am available to read and consult for kink-related, romance, and erotica writing (both fiction and non-fiction).

Consultations based on writing sex scenes, believable kink, and creative writing are now available via email. If you need someone to help you come up with another word or pussy, not sure if this rope scene is believable, or your hero is coming off as abusive rather than Dominant – I’m here to help
Pricing varies depending on length of project. For shorter pieces I might recommend a one-off session at $25. Longer pieces like novels or series we might negotiate a monthly price.

In my experience as a writer and reader, beta-readers are necessary for excellent story-telling and writer support. After slaving away at a manuscript, sometimes what we need the most is for a fresh set of eyes with a shared love for sexy romance to tell us whether or not our work is rubbish or worthy of continuing with and polishing up. While friends are great at boosting our confidence, a professional beta-reader can offer objective critique that genuinely helps our craft.

I am not a copyeditor though I might offer suggestions regarding type-os, grammer, and readability. It is best that you not send a final copy of a manuscript for beta-reading as you will have to send whatever changes you make based on my suggestions back to your proof-reader or editor. Instead, beta-reading should be done after you’ve done all you can with your ms and before you hire a professional editor.
Pricing for beta-reading varies depending on length of manuscript, time before you need my response, and work that needs to be done with it (the cleaner and more put together/readable the manuscript the better).

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